Tag Prefix:

This is the object name you use in your code.  Note that it will enforce that there is a "." included after the object name.

Add PM:

You can select various parts of your code you want to be monitored or not.

The PM code will always start in column 1.

Please note that this application does not add the necessary referencing or binding code, you will need to do that manually.

Note on Parameters:

Parameters are assumed to be basic types.  It will not support objects or structures for example.  See Logging Data

In-line Exit:

If you have an in-line Exit in your code this program will issue a warning that you must then resolve.

In-line Exit example:

       If SomeValue=True Then Exit Sub

Must be replaced with:

       If SomeValue=True then


               Exit Sub

       End If

The line "pm.St0p <<<<<< In-line Exit" will be added which will show up as an error so you can then manually fix it.