Each of the Start, Log and Stop commands allow you to log data.

The Log command can be called any number of times between a Start and Stop commands to log data as needed.

The data can be an array of any data type or a comma-separated list of values.

A special Parameter Delimiter Character is used to separate these values and can be changed if needed in the configuration.

Examples for the case with the Parameter Delimiter Character set to " ~ "

       Input:    "1,2,3,4"

       Result:  1,2,3,4

       Input:    1,2,3,4

       Result:  1~2~3~4

       Input:    "A", 1, "B"

       Result:  A~1~B

Example with an array

If a(5)=1,2,3,4,5   (not the actual code to make an array)

       Input        "a(5)", a

       Result: a(5) ~ [1~2~3~4~5]

Note that there is a limit of 300 characters per "Result"