Hopefully this help file will answer most of your questions.  If you feel the help is missing something or is not clear please send us your feedback.

There are two easy ways to send us your feedback.  Both can be best be accomplished via our Send Feedback form.  

The Feedback form can be accessed from the [Send Feedback - Request Assistance] button on the About form.

1) Via the web at:  www.InTouchSoftware.com/Support

The Feedback form allows you to easily copy the License and System information so that you can include it in your feedback.  Providing this License and System info helps us better support you, thanks.

2) Via email at:  support@InTouchSoftware.com

The Feedback form attempts start a prefab email with most of the necessary information.

Because of the limitations of the length of an email URL, some of the License and System info may not get copied into the email.  Please feel free to use the [Copy License] button and paste it into your email so that we can better support you.