Recordset Helper for Access

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Integrated Access Toolbar

Quick access to the 2 main features directly from Access

SQL Formatting

The SQL code that Access provides when creating a query is less than ideal and can be downright unreadable. The Recordset Helper provides a much-improved SQL format that is customizable.  From that a string can be generated that you can then place in your code.

Recordset Viewing

You can add the Recordset Helper to your application with just a few simple lines of code.  This allows you to monitor and debug your recordset objects (DAO or ADO) while your code is running.

Screen Snap

Not being able to see forms or tables when you are debugging in Access is a significant limitation.  This Screen Snap tool is similar to the Snipping tool in Windows but is easier and quicker to use. 

The Table Object.

Three handy methods related to easily creating and manipulating a table.

  • Create takes the contents of a Recordet object and creates the table in its image.
  • Append will match any fields (columns) that are the same in the appending recordset and will add those values.
  • PadColumn will add records to the table if a record does not contain the value for the padded column.

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